The Timeline depicts the chronological order of events in the "Secrets & Lies"/"Secrets and Lies" universe.

Secrets & Lies

December 2012

  • 26th - Sandeep Kulesakera, the taxi driver who picked up Ben in Fortitude Valley gives an official statement. He states he picked up Ben at 2:35 am, that Ben was mumbling about having a problem with Jess, and that he was going to "fix things".
  • 29th - Eva Gundelach is arrested for the murder of Thom Murnane.

January 2013

Secrets and Lies

December 2014

January 2015

  • 2nd - Ben Crawford confesses to the murder of Tom Murphy and is sentenced to life in prison.


  • The body of Kate Warner was found victim of a fall from the rooftop of the building she and her husband Eric Warner resided.