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The Cop
Season 1, Episode 7
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Air Date:
  • April 12, 2015
  • 4.85
Written by:
  • Nick Copus
Directed by:
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"The Confession"

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She's not going to stop unless I stop her.
Arthur Fenton

"The Cop" is the seventh episode of the first season of the American version of "Secrets and Lies" and the seventh episode of the series overall.


Ben visits a prison inmate who provides information that might prove Detective Cornell is pushing the boundaries of the law. With the "help" of Arthur Fenton, Ben attempts to bring Cornell down, but an anonymous tip puts the spotlight back on Ben as the prime suspect, and the Crawford family finally collapses under the strain.


Inside Fenton’s house, Ben realizes he lured him there to assist him in bringing down Cornell. Initially, Ben refuses him, but thinks twice after Fenton tells his tale about his experience with Cornell. Upon Ben's return home, Christy expresses her worry over his whereabouts. Ben visits Jennifer Barrett, Cornell’s latest victim, in jail. When he is surprised to see the likes of her in there, she reveals that Cornell is her mother. He tells her why Cornell is after him and she tells him about a similar case: Seth Goring, the prime suspect in the murder of a little girl. She advises him to confess now.

Leaving the prison, Ben sees Cornell, who was informed he went to visit her daughter. When Fenton approaches him outside, Ben is furious. Coming home, Ben walks in on Jess apologizing to Christy. When Jess leaves, Christy inquires about what happened with Kevin as Ben receives a call from Cornell. At the station, Cornell brings Ben into a room filled with evidence from the crime scene. She attempts to scare him into a confession now, as it will only get worse for him and his family. Ben realizes that this meeting is personal for Cornell – it’s payback for him visiting her daughter in jail – and he walks out on her.

Arriving home, Dave is visiting with the family. Ben goes outside for fresh air, with Dave joining him. Ben admits his meeting with Cornell made him anxious to get rid of the flashlight. He also admits to meeting with Cornell’s daughter and his plan to track down Cornell’s other suspect to compare notes. Ben visits the Goring house. Despite a warning from one of her sons, Ben talks to Goring’s wife – he’s seen her before yelling at Cornell. When Ben inquires about Seth, his wife reveals he couldn’t take it anymore and hung himself a week ago.

Ben takes the information to Fenton, who rushes Ben out of his house due to an appointment. He seems suspicious, so Ben waits around and sees a woman go into the house with some files. He introduces himself; her name is Linda and she’s clearly in a rush. Returning home, the family is getting ready to head to Michael’s annual holiday party. Ben carries a pile of gifts to the car, including the wrapped flashlight, and accidentally breaks the gift for Michael.

On their way to the party, Ben insists on them getting another gift for Michael. He drops the girls off and then turns into the parking lot, taking the wrapped flashlight into the woods to get rid of it. When he returns to the car, Christy is there with questions. He covers up the truth, but she’s skeptical. Arriving at Michael’s, the family unloads the gifts from the car. Abby points out a missing gift, with Ben attempting to cover it up. When they’re alone, Christy presses him for the truth. He doesn’t divulge, so she sends him home. Driving back, Cornell’s colleagues terrorize Ben on the road because of his visit with her daughter, which prompts him to meet with Fenton.

Meeting outside of Ben’s house, Fenton shows Ben the article he wrote about Goring based on the information he gave him. Fenton leaves and Ben goes inside, finding Dave in his house. When Dave asks, Ben informs him he got rid of the flashlight, giving him the details. There is a knock at the door: it’s Goring’s son and he’s angry. When Ben defends he was only trying to clear his father’s name, the son informs him that his father was guilty. He discovered photographic evidence and showed them to his father, which prompted him to end his life. Goring’s wife never knew the truth… but now she will.

The next morning, Natalie and Ben have a heart-to-heart. Their conversation is interrupted by Christy, who is looking for Abby. They hear Abby shouting and find her outside with Cornell. Cornell gives Ben the Miranda warning and then takes him to the parking lot behind the mall where he ditched the flashlight. There is a team searching the premises. Ben’s lawyer arrives and informs him that he wasn’t arrested; it was merely an intimidation tactic. He also informs Ben that he received a check for $25,000 – a check Ben didn’t send him. Cornell doesn’t find anything and sets Ben free. When the search team walks by, he recognizes one of them: Linda, from outside Fenton’s home. He greets her, causing Cornell to take notice. Linda is the leak in the crime lab.

Ben goes to Fenton’s and reveals he knows Fenton paid the lab rat for Tom’s DNA results and leaked them to the press. Cornell arrives and arrests Fenton. When Ben returns home, he and Christy argue and she gives him an ultimatum once again. Fed up, he tells her to leave and insists on joint custody. Christy takes the girls with her to Michael’s; Abby is inconsolable. Later, Ben takes their things over to Michael’s and confronts his brother-in-law about calling the cops on him. Cornell visits Ben and when he continues to maintain his innocence, she shows him a surveillance video from the cab the night Tom died. The video shows him going to Jess’ house that fateful night.



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