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The Affair
Season 1, Episode 3
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Episode Information
Air Date:
  • March 8, 2015
  • 5.96
Written by:
  • Andrew Wilder
Directed by:
  • Paul McCrane
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I had an alibi!
Ben Crawford

"The Affair" is the third episode of the first season of the American version of "Secrets and Lies" and the third episode of the series overall.


As the holidays approach, Ben Crawford tries in vain to keep his family together after a shameful public revelation that makes him look even more guilty. While under scrutiny from the entire neighborhood, Ben makes a startling discovery about a piece of evidence that could be used to implicate him in Tom's murder. Ben's life continues to unravel when another personal bombshell rocks the Crawford household.


Ben and Dave shop for a gun following his encounter with Scott. Upon coming home, Ben sneaks out of his truck and into the house while the media swarm the truck with Dave driving. Inside the Crawford home, when Natalie comes home and catches Abby crafting with her glitter makeup, the two sisters get into an argument. Abby snitches on her sister, revealing to Ben that Natalie is attending a party at her boyfriend Cooper’s house. When a dressed up Christy makes her way out, Ben stops to question her. She is icy towards him; it’s clear he’s not forgiven for letting her find out he had a baby with Jess on TV.

Ben goes to Jess’ and tells her that Scott knew Tom’s paternity before it was announced. Jess informs Ben that she didn’t tell anyone about it, except for her sister. When Nicole doesn’t answer Jess’ call, she suspects something is wrong. Ben and Jess go to Nicole’s place and find her and Scott in bed together. Cornell gets involved and Ben thinks he’s off the hook, but it’s clear she still suspects Ben. The next day, Ben walks into what appears to be a private conversation between Natalie and Christy.

The Crawfords and Dave set up Christmas lights in the house. Dave gets a little too handsy with Natalie. Ben goes out to his truck. Upon opening it, a flashlight falls out. Shocked, he scrambles to hide it in his garage. At the winter fair, Ben feels eyes on him, but Christy insists on being normal. Some neighbors invite Ben and Christy to join them at their table but Kevin Williams is especially cold to Ben. The sound of children fighting interrupts their conversation. Abby pushes a classmate to defend her father.

Upon returning home from a run, Ben sees Cornell and Christy going into the garage. Cornell wants to see a receipt for the flashlight to help eliminate him as a suspect. When Cornell leaves, Ben and Christy get into an argument. He pleads with Christy to stand by him. As soon as she’s out of the garage, Ben hides the flashlight by wrapping it in a box, like a present. He receives a phone call about a gig and starts work with Arthur Fenton. The men bond, until Arthur says something that unnerves Ben, conjuring up bad memories of the fateful morning. Arthur apologizes, but the damage is done.

Ben goes to Tom’s shrine to give him a Christmas gift: a bicycle bell. Scott sneaks up on him in full uniform – they let him go free, as he had an alibi: he was with Nicole. He didn’t come forward because he didn’t want to hurt Jess. Ben insists he didn’t kill Tom and makes peace with Scott. That night, Ben informs Jess Scott didn’t do it, and she doesn’t take the news well. Tom’s killer is still out there. When Christy’s shopping bag falls, Ben goes to pick it up and discovers she bought new lingerie… and a pregnancy test. Ben confronts Christy about the pregnancy test, but she refuses to discuss it.

Ben turns to Dave, admitting the flashlight came back. Dave is the voice of reason for once; he also reveals he can hear everything through their bathroom window. When Dave insinuates he believes the pregnancy test is Natalie’s, Ben goes ballistic and looks for her. Abby snitches on her sister once again and uses her laptop for details about the party.

With Dave and Abby in tow, Ben goes to the party to find Natalie. There, he confronts her and intends to take her home. When Cooper stands up to Ben, he pushes him aside, causing Natalie’s boyfriend to throw a punch at her father. Ben proceeds to fight back and shoves Cooper onto a table, threatening him. A drunk Natalie throws a low blow at Ben, alluding he’s a killer. Dave brings Natalie outside and the family leaves the party. When Natalie refuses to get in the car with Ben, Dave accompanies Natalie while Ben and Abby walk home.

The next day, Ben tells Christy he knows the test was for Natalie and the two have a talk. Christy invites Ben to sleep in their bedroom again. Cornell comes to the door, showing Ben and Christy footage from the night before when he threatened Cooper’s life. Cornell needs to get a statement from Dave, so Ben goes to the guest house to fetch him. Looking at Dave, Ben notices glitter all over Dave’s chest – it’s Natalie’s glitter. Ben barges in and upon finding evidence Natalie stayed over, Ben throws Dave out of the house in a rage – right into Cornell’s arms.

After a public revelation, Ben struggles to keep his family together -- and maintain his innocence



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