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Seth Goring was a man harassed by Detective Sergeant Andrea Cornell in the first season of the American version of "Secrets and Lies".

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Reporter Arthur Fenton tells Ben Crawford about Seth Goring being harassed by Detective Cornell. Ben decides to visit the Goring house.

Season 1

It is revealed that after having been followed, chased, and questioned by Detective Cornell for three years in regards to involvement into the rape of a 7-year-old girl, Seth did in fact rape the girl. After being confronted by his son with pictures found in their basement, Seth hung himself, and was found the day after.

Ben reveals his findings to Fenton and a newspaper article is released the day after.

Seth's son confronts Ben, scolding him for being involved in the article. He tells Ben that now Cornell will harass them even more, but this time would find the truth.


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