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Episode 6
Season 1, Episode 6
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  • 7 April 2014
  • 0.413
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"Episode 6" is the sixth and final episode of the first season of the Australian version of "Secrets & Lies", and the sixth episode of the series overall.


Eva disappears without warning, and in desperation, Ben accuses Jess of taking her. Jess responds by accusing him of sexual assault, forcing him to flee. He stumbles into Eva's treehouse, where he finds the final piece of evidence to identify the killer: Eva (displaying a cold emotionless front indicative of a Sociopath) in the interview room with Cornielle Eva reveals (through a series of flashbacks) she overheard her parents arguing about Ben's affair with Jess; fearing it would tear them apart (and her father would leave- a common obsession she displayed throughout the series) Eva planned to drown Thom in the river in the hopes that Jess would leave their street for good but was forced to use the torch when it rained and he wanted to go home revealing that her attempts to hide the evidence wasn't to frame her father but her attempts to frame Jess; back in the interview room she says "sorry" explaining none of this would've happened if she had got him to the river Christy (who is now seen to have been in the room) blurts out crying Ben watches from behind the mirror as his little girl is charged with his only son's murder; then driven home by Cornielle who tells him to take care, Ben stands in the kitchen staring at a photo of him and Eva when Tasha takes his hand and the two hug closing out Secrets & Lies: The Track.


Tom Murnane's killer is finally exposed in this heart-stopping series finale.



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